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In our shop you will find our selection of football jerseys from Uruguay, including the World Cup jersey! South Americans have always had stars on their team and Uruguay’s current national football team looks set to leave its own legacy. You can buy your own Uruguay jersey on, where you can customize it by adding your own name and number or your favorite player.

Uruguay is a national team that can boast a lot of attractive players in its ranks. For example, Edinson Cavani or Luis Suarez, are the major players who wear the Uruguay jersey. These players have the habit of destabilizing the opposing defenders and finding the net.

Uruguay is a historic selection of the World Cup because this selection of South America won the first ever World Cup history in 1930 against Argentina. Uruguay, which also won this event in 1950, qualified for the 2018 World Cup after finishing second in the qualifying phase. For the first time in history, the World Cup will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This World Cup will bring together 32 teams divided into eight groups of four. Each team will play three games in the pool phase and the first two will qualify for the round of 16. You are a fan of Celeste and you want to show all your attachment to the teammates of Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez before and during the World Cup? Order your Uruguay jersey on Maillotparisfr!

Looking for the Uruguay football jersey? You have come to the right place here on You will not only find the jersey of Uruguay on this site, but many other jerseys in connection with the players of the Celeste. In the past, Uruguay has been one of the must-see selections in the world, winning twice the World Cup in 1930 and 1950. But Uruguay is not just a selection that has shined in the past as the proves his title at the Copa America in 2011.

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The 2018 World Cup has already begun. Equipment manufacturers adidas and Puma were the first to unveil the new outfits of nations participating in the event during the international truce in early November. While Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland have already had the opportunity to put on their new jerseys, this was not the case for Uruguay, one of the two representatives of the brand at the 2018 World Cup.

Like the jerseys of other nations equipped by Puma, the holding of the Celeste was inspired by a strong symbol of the country: here the sun of May (Sol de Mayo). This famous sun that we find on the jersey of Uruguay and Argentina. This May sun was subtly integrated into the center of Cavani’s teammates’ new outfit. It appears discreetly thanks to a particular seam that gives relief to the symbol of the Celestial. For the rest, we are on the classic with a sky blue dominating the entire shirt and a black V-neck like the Puma logo.

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Switzerland Home Soccer Jersey 2018 the World Cup

In the 32 national teams entered in the World Cup, the Swiss also have the most attractive uniqueness. He is not as talented as some traditional powers like Brazil and Germany, but at least some excellent players can stay firm in the game and have a huge impact on the final result of the game.

The most important in Switzerland’s performance is its flexibility, both in terms of position and tactics. They have two excellent defenders, Richsteiner and Rodriguez. This allows their manager Vladimir Petkovic to choose to play a back or four in the back so that he can have more specific game plans and tactical transitions in the game. Garritt Shaka is the main player in the midfield, he controls the rhythm of the game, effective help. His season at Arsenal allowed us to better understand his strengths and weaknesses, which helped the national team to tactically improve his team.

Switzerland’s offensive speed is fast, and Bree, Embro, Josip Dramik and Sheridan Shakhi all have the ability to surpass slow defenders. This allows the Swiss to do quick counter-attacks and they like to do it. However, the position of players like Shaquille is extremely flexible and guarantees that they can completely change their strategy according to the different situations of the game. Switzerland will have to execute several game plans for different opponents and use their talents to make the most deep of the World Cup. Petkovic has been the head coach since 2014, so he knows how to use his players to fully demonstrate their talents and sprint to the champions.

now, we present you new football jersey on the 2018 world cup, this cheap football jersey and top quality. here is the Swiss football jersey home the 2018 world cup. this Swiss jersey home with the V-neck. The classic combination of red and white colors brings people to wear for the first time the jersey and the first time to watch the heroic scene of their own stadium on TV. Tight defense, original passion and true happiness. In order to demonstrate the pride and enthusiasm of the fans and the country, the new jersey will incorporate the famous Matterhorn in the design of the jersey with an elegant and eye-catching pattern. The iconic symbol “King of the Alps” will inspire Encourage players in the near future to realize “Switzerland” in the field.

On the chest of the new football shirts, according to the convention, from right to left, the famous crossed flag of Switzerland, PUMA and the logo of the Swiss Football Federation are placed. Another “Swiss Cross” is hidden in the neck. A special detail, the right side of the cross is composed of “Switzerland” (Switzerland, Switzerland, Schweiz and Svizra) in four languages, highlighting the multiculturalism of this country. adizero fabric acting as a second skin for airy comfort while lightness. Fabric equipped with Climacool technology for optimal regulation of perspiration, mesh construction for optimal ventilation, adizero fabric ensuring lightness, comfort and ventilation.